UiPath on Internet Explorer detects download bar even when it does not exist

I have to download a document from a web app on internet explorer

I have to click on “guardar” button when this bar appears

I used to check if “ElementExists”, while not exists wait for it and if exists click on it
That works fine the first time that de bar appears, but when I click on “guardar” and then on the “x” to close the bar the “ElementExists” still is true even if the bar do not exists, and when i use the highlight function to show where si clicked it shows me this

Its like the bar is still there and I got false clicks on an inexistends button bar, what is the better way to avoid this


Hi @Danny_Vaca
you can better make changes with default download folder setting in IE or try with chrome buddy
Cheers @Danny_Vaca

Y prefer chrome, I have downloaded a lot of files from chrome, but this process only run on internet explorer so I have no option

I have changed the default download folder on internet explorer, I wait untill the file exists on the download folder to catch it thats no the problem

The problem is that I have to click on download button of the internet explorer bar to start the download, but uipath allways detect the downnload bar even if it is not present, so sometimes uipath clicks on download button even when it already do not exists and when it appears i have not clicked, so the download never starts and I stuck waiting for a file that never will appear.

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Hey @Danny_Vaca

Will you try On Element appears Activity with its Wait Visible property to be checked
and repearforever property with false value.


that is what I do with the element exists

while element don’t exists
wait until the element exists

the problem is that uipath detects the bar even if the element do not exists, so I no click on the download button because uipath detects before it appears, instead of waiting until it appears to click it


Hey @Danny_Vaca

I have read that :slight_smile:

Just will you try what i mentioned :slight_smile:

or if you do not want to use that so just use Click activity with Simulate check


I will try that :wink:

Did You found the solution?
This is correct - even I face same situation. The IE bar is always exists even not visible. Also, this is cumbersome and incorrect to wait for download to complete.

The Download prompt bar is null when IE is Initial Started. Once the First Download was initiated, then the Download prompt bar exists always. To check If it is Displayed or Not the Parent element of the download bar triggers this with the Attribute relativevisibility.

In Case of further questions I will Share some Details with you