Internet Explorer Download Notification is detectable even though it is closed

Hello there,

I have an issue where UIpath detects the download notification prompt even though it cannot be seen. I am trying to download a large document using UIPath through Internet Explorer. I am trying to utilise Element Exist to click Save as once the notification appears, but since its always detected as “True” it will always click even though the notification is not shown.

*Delay is not a reliable fix for me as the download time might fluctuate based on the speed of internet as well as size of the file i’m downloading.

Examples seen below:

the issue

Thanks in advance for the help

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no worries
we can use an On Element Appears Activity, change the options so that check WaitVisible and set RepeatForever to False and indicate the Save Buttons. Now the button should be clicked as soon as is visible.

Cheers @Eddie

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Thanks a lot! Worked like magic @Palaniyappan

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