UiPath OCR - An unexpected error has occured

Hello Forum,

while working with DU I’ve ran into the following problem.
When using UiPath OCR with a Proxy set the following error is shown

The problem is not present when using OmniPage or Tesseract, but the OCR quality is much worse.
Endpoint used is “https://du.uipath.com/ocr/?edition=enterprise

When the VPN is disabled the problem doesn’t occur, so I think it’s an issue of the object not able to go through VPN.
Please note that every other UiPath tool (ML, Orchestrator…) works well with VPN and the robot is connected.
Also I’m using enterprise edition with DU and AI Fabric Licensed.

Is there something I can do to avoid the error or it’s a problem from the package side?


Hi @stefano_negro

Based on this post, I would suggest you to contact technical support for further assistance:

Hi @loginerror
After this post I’ve contacted the support and they told me that unfortunately at the moment UiPath Ocr does not support Proxy authentication.

Thank you anyway for the reply.


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