UiPath Document OCR Issue while running outside of Studio

I’ve just completed building out a Document Understanding flow in a dev environment. We’re using the UiPath Document OCR with an Enterprise license. While debugging in Studio, all activities are working fine. However, when we publish this to run outside of Studio the UiPath Document OCR is failing with “an unexpected error has occurred”.

In event viewer at that exact second it fails I am also getting this application error:

System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\xxxxxx\.nuget\packages\uipath.documentunderstanding.orchestrator\1.2.0\lib\net461\Dependencies\Word List\words_alpha.txt'.

This folder does not exist of course because where it starts at “Dependencies\Word List\words_alpha.txt” that is actually supposed to be in the folder structure of the uipath.intelligentocr.activities package.

The issue isn’t machine dependent. The above error happens on 3 machines I have tested in both dev and prod:

  • Running process in Studio

Does NOT Work:

  • Running process as an attended automation in my development space
  • Running process as an attended automation on an unattended bot using a “troubleshooting session”
  • Running process as an unattended automation which is started from Cloud Orchestrator

It looks like I can switch to another OCR to have it work but honestly they don’t seem to be as good from my experience. Any ideas on what I can try next? I am stuck at this point.

Well, it looks like I was not as stuck as I thought I was. On further review it turns out that I had added the uipath.documentunderstanding.orchestrator package initially to test out DU’s capabilities however my project does not currently use anything like that.

It seems there is some hidden incompatibility between these packages when using the OCR. Once I uninstalled the uipath.documentunderstanding.orchestrator package it is working when run outside of Studio now.

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