Uipath not recognizing the fields

Hi Team,

I am working on automating the web application.
Did data scraping - I am not able to scrape the 1st data i.e a name.
please find below screenshot

the 2nd and 3rd names i can select and click next it worked till here.

i also want to scrape following other fields too (highlighed in red color)

Now when i clicked on the - Correlated data , and i i got this below error


i think i know why you not able to scrape the 1st data.

i’m already research as well in other websites.

the problem is because seems your 1st data element is different from the 2nd and 3rd element.
your 1st data element is for ‘lowest price guarantee’, seems the website maker make the 1st data in different table than table of 2nd and 3rd data. So this possible make you select the correlated data it’s not recognize the 1st data.

my opinion is strengthened by your error exception that said:
please indicate fields that are correlated with the fields you indicated to defind the first column
why like that? because your 2nd column element is different with 1st column element.


One option for data scraping web page tables is to use Find Children activity when the structure of the tables displaying the data is not standardised.

While there may be different tables that make up the full dataset on the web page, the data itself should have similar selector attributes, and so the entire web page can scraped using the Find Children activity and then filtered so that only the data required is returned.


Here is the link

in this link i am fetching the distributor name saparately and the table information separately. Also i can ignore the 1st element

I am able to get the child element from the link u have provided.

But how shall i put it to the excel file?

See attached @SeemaAA

Some string manipulation is required to ensure the workflow is only picking up the distributor names and in a clean manner. However, it outputs to a CSV all that you need.

Main (2).xaml (13.9 KB)


I have aleady done it for the distributors

I want to put all the table data to the excel…
There are many tables in the form .
All those values to the excel with one header


I misunderstood. You will need to grab each column of data individually then add them all to your excel table 1 by 1. There is likely an improvement that can be made here based on the tablecol attribute being used to identify each data point in the table but it should get you what you need.

I have edited it so the flow grabs everything up to the description, have a go at adding others so you understand how it works. You can just copy and paste the various activities and rename the variables where required.

The key really is that the Find Children activity is filtered by tablecol differently each time and this grabs each column one by one.

For Product Numbers its: webctrl tag=‘TD’ tableRow=‘2’ tableCol=‘1
For Manufacturer Names its: webctrl tag=‘TD’ tableRow=‘2’ tableCol=‘2


It outputs the columns then to an excel file.

Any questions let us know.

ProductDetails.zip (11.4 KB)

Edit: I uploaded a newer version to grab the Distributors name more than once for each product where they have greater than one listed.

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