Can anyone please help me with the Data scraping


I have a table, from this table how to extract only 2 fields?

And from another table some times 3 fields(if only 1 row)
some times 5 fields(if only 2 row)

I have marked it in yellow color n black color.


Can any one please help me with this


You can write conditional statements, if Row.Count=1 then extract such and such fields.

Or you can extract the whole data and then select whichever you want from excel/.data table.

It seems like a structured data, can you direct me to the link so that I can take a look at the selectors?

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Here is the link:
Please enter the

You will get all the tables.

Can any one please help me, Soon.

There are 3 to 4 tables i am really not getting how to extract /Scrape them.

As there is a scroll bar, so because of this i am able to exract 1st table only…
Kindly help
I have provided the link above

@Seem why do you say it is unstructured? There are distinct separate tables providing information in a structured format. The selectors are quite easy to read and understand also.

The first table in the picture is a table on the website called ‘statusInfo’. You want the webctrl id= ‘st_weight’ and the webctrl id=‘st_statusNm’

The second table in the picture is a table on the website called ‘sailing’. You want the colName=‘Vessel’ and tableRow=‘2’, the colName=‘Port of Loading’ and tableRow=‘2’, and the colName=‘Port of Discharging’ and tableRow=‘2’

Note that i used tableRow=‘2’ assuming you always want the first row of the ‘Sailing’ table. You should use whatever row index you need (where the first row of data is at index = 2, second row = 3, etc)


There you go xamls are attached. I think you should go through the FOundation adn advanced training again to strengthen the basics.

Hope this helps : (19.0 KB) (Open the IE browser with the cargo tracking results and then run the bot)

Regards :slight_smile:

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I went through the post.
I got the selectors for the 1st table - Status Infoo
selector is

<webctrl id='**st_weight**' tag='TD' />

But i did the screen scraping and for every field its creating the Data table

Do i need to use any other control ? If so which control?

But how shall i scroll down for rest of the tables, from UiPath? Scrolling is not happening

Don’t use screen scraping. Just use the ‘Get Text’ activity and assign it to it’s own string variable

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Can you please suggest me which particular video?
Foundation advance - Level 3 training??


Then what about the scroll bar issue???
I am not able to scroll , from uipath

No need to scroll. The entire webpage loads and the robot will be able to get the data without scrolling as it is using the selectors. Nothing needs to be visible

Thanks you,

I will try all these, and update you…


I dint get how u did the code?
How did u get the selector and Metadata extract.

Please explain


Well all the technical training videos. And in the future if you want to scroll to a certain element in the webpage you can use ‘Set Focus’ activity before clicking on it.

Did the solution help?

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