Extract data from web table without using scraping method

Hi All,
I need to extract data from web table of my application and store in excel file. The data scraping is not working correctly. Is there any other way to extract data and store in excel file.


Appreciate if I could get xaml for the same.

Hi @Zahid1, You have to use the Get Text activity in the loop. And use the dynamic Selector with index increasing one by one and store it in the Datatable.

Or try to the whole table in Get Text activity by indicating the main container. And do the data manipulation and store it to the Datatable.

Also use Screen Scraping method

Michael Udhaya


I guess if you can share the URL and if it is accessible I can share a xaml or else you can refer the following links to get an idea on how to traverse through nodes of a page and get their attributes :slight_smile:


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Hi @Zahid1

Kindly try with screen scrapping option from design menu…
–Then get the output from the screen scrapping activity witha a variable of type string…named out_text
–use a generate datatable activity and pass the above obtained variable as input and get the output with a variable or type datatable…
–now you can use write range activity to write that datatable to a excel…
Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not buddy
Cheers @Zahid1

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@Palaniyappan : Actually my screen looks like below.


Screen scraping is not working. I tried data scraping but I am getting error as : Step was not recorded successfully". I am using 2019.4.3 version. Although I have registered the dll : regsvr32.exe oleacc.dll. My browser has to be Chrome.

@Raghavendraprasad : Sorry I cannot share the credential of the app. It’s confidential.

Oh I see. Then sharing a xaml will be infeasible, maybe you can go through the links I provided and other solutions mentioned by few people.

@Michael_Udhaya : Did you try doing get full text and then using generate data table activity to build a data table .
Output of get full text would be the input of generate data table activity.

I used the get full text and getting the output in single column without header.

Main.xaml (7.6 KB) result.xlsx (8.8 KB)


Did you explore the options I suggested, if the web elements are accessible to you (if you are not doing citrix automation) I think it is quite easy. The table that you have might not have a

tag but I am sure if you inspect the page source then most of the times it will be structured data. No need to share credentials, just share selectors of the first column, first row, and second column and second row I am pretty sure a pattern can be discerned.

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you could always just manipulate the data once it comes out in the one column format. it looks like you’re always going to have same amount of columns, so why dont you just put the first 5 rows into an array and build columns based on that.

I will take a look and get back to you on this.

I tried to get the selectors… but it’s giving me error.



Buddy could you please send me the xaml in similar lines.

Fine @Zahid1
Kindly try once with Computer vision activities
That could help you with this case

Cheers @Zahid1


Did you try inspecting the element and checking whether it allows you to do that?

Did you try UiExplorer with Accessibility and UiAutomation mode?

Did you check what is the level of permission/rights you have. Is it read only access or do you have edit access? Is your user restricted to run scripts…etc…

@Raghavendraprasad : I used Extract Structured data, copied the metadata from recording to it, did manipulation and finally able to extract the table. Thanks a lot for the pointer.

Great. If any answer helped you mark it as a solution and close this topic :slight_smile:

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