UiPath not able to detect Windows Alert Box

I am automating Service Now. While resolving any incident, the browser throws a Windows alert where I have to click on “OK”.

I have tried using Click activities, recorders, send hotkeys, but the UIPath recorder just hangs and is not able to recognize the OK button in the windows alert. And the process cannot go further without hitting OK.

Any ideas how to solve this issue? Anybody facing a similar issue?

Seems likely that the selector is changing when the window is created.

Can you post the selector here?

Can you share the selector of the alert box and the ok button on it.

I’m working in ServiceNOW aswell and it’s a gigantic pain because ServiceNOW adds all sorts of system-ids to the ID-attributes at runtime which change on every task/incident.

My first impulse was to ask you whether you were using MSIE or any of the other browsers. The other browsers require you to install their respcetive UiPath plugins for the Explorer to make sense of anything on the page.

But as the dialog is a Windows reaction, then you should not have to use a plugin at all.

What Windows version are you targeting? I’ve had problems with Win10 but never in Win7.

Hi @KlausA @ankwoods

Give a try with my Servicenow custom activity in uipath community gallery. I am trying to eliminate the complexities in servicenow automation.