Question to ServiceNOW Developers: selector based automation for


Question to ServiceNow developers: are you able to identify selectors on website?
I was trying to automate one thing within website, and it seems like I cannot identify any selectors there. It is just highlighting the whole page (see screenshot).

I tried all typies of UI Frameworks. This is happening both on Chome and Firefox. Of course I have proper UiPath extensions installed, I can even identify selectors on login page, and on ServiceNow instance page.

@mateuszmacheta - I faced a same issue with ServiceNow.
ServceNow pages are not build with a generic HTML tags to perform the web automation. You can verify the source code for the page - page is rendering with a custom built web tags with minimal info.
To satisfy my requirements - I did the image automation for this page to navigate between pages and did the get attribute to get the innerhml to read the specific content from the tags.


Hi, did you try our new service now connector? :slight_smile: You can download them from here. Also for more resources, you can check the youtube channel of
Cristian Negulescu here .

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