Selector Issue in Ui Automation

In Mozilla Firefox the ServiceNow website doesn’t able to scan and get the elements selectors. But one my colleague can able to scan. But i can’t able to scan and get the element selectors?

Check for UiPath extension enabled in the browser.
Use UiExplorer to investigate the element tags.

Yeah, The extension is enabled in the Browser.

I used UiExplorer to scan the element, but its not working.

Then it seems like the application doesn’t support automation. Please try

  1. Try using different browser
  2. Ask your friend to inspect element in UiExplorer and compare that with the one you explored.

@Ganesh_Kumar_Ramacha - Welcome to UiPath Community!

Servicenonw page is not available for automation. to verify this → check the page source code - html code is not available to find/extract - page is rendering with ui-view (custom tag) with zero html tags.

you can open any other website -uiexplorer will identify the elements.

1.I tried in all the browser it not working
2.Yeah i compare that selectors in my UiExplorer its highlighting, But i can’t able to get the element selector

Please check whether extension for that browser(Chrome/Edge/Firefox) is enabled in uipath studio.
Go to Tools in studio and install the required browser extension.Once installed check your browser and enable the extension. Should be able to get the element.

Can you please add screenshot of the element searched in UiExplorer.

This is the screenshot. Sign In, Learn, Guide are the elements i searches in UiExplorer.