Uipath, does not work on Service Now, via Chrome

Hello everybody,
I have a “compatibility” problem between Uipath and ServiceNow, via Chrome.
Given that the same RPA project developed on ServiceNow, via IE (no edge) works well, an internal update is expected and therefore the migration to Chrome.
I have installed the uipath extension. (I use it on other bots on other websites).
but despite the extension running, I don’t hook to page elements.

Ex: entered on Service Now, I have to click on FAVORITES

If I try to reconstruct the CLICK on the favorities object, however, uipath hooks itself to the whole web page and not to the object.
This happens anywhere on the web page.
Does anyone know what it depends on and if there is a way to fix it?


Intact: I have partially solved the problem.
I updated the package:

Now I can click on the menus and navigate to Service-Now.
However, I cannot hang on to the tables.

I cannot extract the data from the table.
I can’t click on the single cells of the table.

Anyone have a solution please?