UiPath migration throwing memory exceptions

all issues on memory issues after migration

Hi, we faced high RAM & CPU usage and in our server when using projects that are converted from Windows-Legacy to Windows, and even when we started a new project using Windows compatibility. The high RAM & CPU usage is causing our development to slow down drastically. We can’t navigate the workflows smoothly in Studio, there is always a lag. And publishing projects take up to 20 mins to fully process.

However, remaining on Windows-Legacy or starting a new project in Windows-Legacy did not cause any high RAM & CPU usage, or any slowness, and project publishing is quick like usual.

Your advise on what we should do to resolve this is highly appreciated

Hi @SreePrakash can you share logs of the execution

What is the exact version you are using?

We have fixed most of the known CPU/RAM usage issues with 23.4.2. Would help us to investigate your specific issue if you can share a project where the problem manifests. Please DM if possible.

We are using version 2021.10.8 and 2022.10.3. As per my understanding, v2023.4 is for community users and v2023.10 is for enterprise users.

Hence, will there be any new releases to the 2021.10 version or 2022.10 version to fix the memory issue?

We have the same memory issues with the 22.10.4, so we are also interessted in the question if there we will be a fix for this issue in the 22.10-version?

Many thanks for your reply. :+1: