After Converting the project dependencies from Windows-Legacy to Windows

Hi Forum Fam,
After converting the project dependencies from Windows Legacy to Windows…This conversion leads to lagging in uipath studio… studio in our system s not responding quickly to our actions.

Most of the queries like directory.getfiles and cdate are not supporting now… its shows error in our already developed project workflow…
Expecting the experts to help on this part to resolve this issue

Thanks in advance


Hello @Ranganathan_M
After migrating the project to Windows, please try to update all the dependent packages to the latest version.

I also faced a similar issue and resolved by updating the packages. Give it a try.

@loginerror Slowness is still there after the migration. Hope team is already looking into it.


HI @Ranganathan_M

Also i have faced this kind of issue in the new update
Team will rectify it in upcoming update for sure.

Eventhough if you keep your uipath open and work for long time the hang will not happen only when you open new project it hangs right?


Yes…if opened new workflow in the process… studio stucks there?

This issue is currently being investigated by our team and will be resolved in a future version (most likely a patch).

Well, we are in Jan23, and I have a disaster after migrating from Legacy to Windows. My PC memory is consumed by just one xaml, when previously I could have 5 or 6 opened to work simultaneusly on them.

Now, even with only 1 xaml opened, it takes lonnnnnnnnggggggggg to move from one activity to another you want to modify. It is a total and complete disaster, in my case.

Is the XAML file on your local drive (ie C:) or is it in a shared/network folder?

If it’s on a network share, I suggest moving it to your local drive and see if Studio performance improves.

Running extremely SLOW! UiPath Studio using 13GB ram when just editing a tiny workflow file.

We are actually thinking about swapping IDE. This is ridiculous.

I’m on Version 2023.10.4.

I have a brand new computer and UiPath Studio is so slow that it’s literally unusable. If I try to scroll down just a bit in the workflow file it’s lagging so much and then jumps back to the position I was first scrolling away from. It’s always returning to the activity that is highlighted. Everything else on the computer is running fast and responsive.