Is this memory consumption going to last for ever after migranting from Legacy?

Hi! Just a question, is this disaster of 100% consumption of RAM memory of my PC (8GbRAM) with only one xaml going to last for ever in this new post Legacy migration scenario? What should I notice as a benefit of this decission?, because to me, this is being a nightmare…

Is there any best practice to help me being able to continue working as I did previously to the migration? I am wasting tones of hours waiting for my computer to melt from its frozen state every time I tried to modify any minimum aspect of any activity…

Thanks, Cesar

We have decided not to upgrade until these issues are worked out. There are tons of issues so far with the new Windows compatibility stuff, and what we have works just fine so we have no reason to upgrade. Just my two cents, but if UiPath cares about its customers they’ll contact them and recommend NOT migrating yet. It’s not ready.

Thank you very much Paul for answering my message.

I have just run a migrated process. What previuosly used to take less than 1 minute to run, because of these memory consumption problems has taken more than 9 after migration.

A complete and total disaster!!!

Nobody warned me about this migration problem. Let’s see if I can go back to my previuos situation. It is incredible…!!!


We are recommending our clients have 16GB of memory allocated for Production VMs if there many long-running processes!

We are actively working to fix the performance/memory issues affecting windows projects. The fixes from our internal tests look promising, and we plan to release them in 23.2 and 23.4.

Additionally, we will provide governance over the banner that informs you about legacy migration.

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Thank you very much Alexandru. I have already done the job of re-writting all I had developed on Windows in Legacy system since everything is much faster in the last scheme, but what you are saying are good news anyway. Thank you very much for answering my message.

Running extremely SLOW! UiPath Studio using 13GB ram when just editing a tiny workflow file.

We are actually thinking about swapping IDE. This is ridiculous.

I’m on UiPath Studio version 2023.10.4.

I have a brand new computer and UiPath Studio is so slow that it’s literally unusable. If I try to scroll down just a bit in the workflow file it’s lagging so much and then jumps back to the position I was first scrolling away from. It’s always returning to the activity that is highlighted. Everything else on the computer is running fast and responsive.


Are you opening projects from a network share? This slows Studio down a ton because it’s very “chatty” with read/writes to files. If you’re on a VPN it’s even worse. Copy your project to a local folder then open it.