UiPath Marketplace - BalaReva Easy Data Table Activities

Hi ,
I have uploaded a package called “Easy DataTable Activities” in UiPath Marketplace. The package contains the below activities.

  • Change Column Data Type - Change the datatype for DataTable by having the option to multiple columns

  • Dictionary To DataTable - Convert the dictionary to DataTable

  • Show DataTable - This activity helps to see the DataTable value and column information. Mainly this is testing DataTable value in the development stage.

Here is the video explanation for the package…

Sample :
EasyDataTable.zip (34.4 KB)

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Great Work :clap: :clap:!!!

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Thank you @ImPratham45 :sunflower: :sunflower: :sunflower:

Hi @balupad14,

Nice Job :100: :ok_hand:

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Thank you @Reddy_Paluri :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:

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Hi @balupad14
I’m reading Excel and output is data table one of the column is date like: 2020-09-21, but when I write the data table become to 09/21/2020 00:00:00 how can I keep the format?
Is it possible by this activity ?


Can you send me a sample excel file ?

Thank you

@balupad14, I’ve attached a sample.

Thank you Book1.xlsx (9.1 KB)

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Dear all,

I have developed a new activity called “DateTime ParseTo Datatable”.

  • Convert the object/string data type to dateTime datatype in Data. And also has the solution
  • Solution to manage the excel DateTime in DataTable.

Sample :DateConversion.zip (35.5 KB)

Thank you


This is exactly what I need, unfortunately I can’t get it to run. I have a scraped table from the web in my data table. In column with index 6 is a string with a date. When I add {6} in the column index it keeps telling me "cannot implicitly convert type ‘int’ to ‘int
Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong. Also tried (6), same problem


any help?

@relsig - Have you just tried 6…because the error shows can’t convert Int to Int Array…so it is expecting you to enter an Integet value…

Update: I just installed that package and tried entering {6} and it didn’t show any error…

That field is actually Int Arr…so what you have entered is correct , i.e {6}

Thanks for your answer.

It is probably a stupid error, but I can’t find out what the problem is.

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@relsig - could you please share your xaml? Let me take a look

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Sure, thank youMain.zip (5.1 KB)

Can you please attach with “Project.json” ?

Thank you

here you go project.zip (821 Bytes)

Any news?

Hi @balupad14
Thanks for the new activities and its really useful.
i am using “DateTime ParseTo Datatable” and trying to convert few column values to date and passing column names {“date1”,“date2”}.
date1 is of type object and date2 is of type string, it is successfully converting date1 to dateTime and not date2. The error i’m getting during execution is “String cannot to converted to dateTime”

Could you please help



hi @Roopa_Nagaraj ,

Can you share a sample excel file please ?

Thank you