Change entire column datatype

I have column which contains values like $1000,$2000,$3000 etc.
I need to change this entire column to integer. How Do I change this with single syantax without using for each row. I tried with cloning

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Hi @KarthikBallary

der is one activity by @balupad14
Change Cell Type Activity

You can use that activity for the same

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if data is already in data table then you cannot, only option is to use a new Dt. If you are reading from excel source the use @Pratik_Wavhal’s approach

@KarthikBallary You can try this Activity :

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Hi I have used Data clone…but
Dt.columns(“columnname”)=Get(System.int32) //here can we try regex?

while importing row to new DT it will throw error

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Here is the activity Change Column DataType for multiple column.

Video demo :

Thank you


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