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excel1.xlsx (15.9 KB)

In the above file the column that needs to be converted to date are “BE/SB Date” and “R SB Date”

I am trying to change the data type of a single column in an Excel sheet to Text using the BalaReva Change Column DataType action.

I have set the Column Data Type to StringChange Column Data Type Activity

This appears to work when I view the datatable using the Show DataTable activity (type is then System.String) but when I write the data to an Excel Sheet and right-click on a Cell in the column, its type is still General.

How can I use this Activity to change the data type of a column to Text?

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Hi @shaun.mcdowall ,

Normally when you write the string datatype from the datatable to excel. it is always general. in this case, you have to use “Change Cell Type” to change the general to string. Here I have attached a demonstration for you.

Before :

After :

Sample :
shaun.mcdowall.zip (50.3 KB)

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Hi Balamurugan,

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Dear All,

I have published a new version (4.0.0)of BalaReva.EasyDatatable.Activities in our UiPath Market place. Here is the release notes.

New activities (MergeDatatable,SortDatatable) and move the old activities from DataTableGroup(old package)


Merge different column names into a single column.

EasyDatatableMergeTable.zip (75.4 KB)


  • Sort multiple columns

EasyDatatableSort.zip (73.3 KB)


@balupad14, your work on making it easy for developers to interact with datatables is fantastic and extremely useful. Thank you

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Thank you @sudheern