Add data row_error

Hi @supermanPunch @balupad14
PFB the error:

But as u can see i have provided the name “Machine Name”
which is same as provided in add data row “Machine Name”




Can you output the datatable and check that the column is existed

Also in Add Data Row assign to a variable and assign that to Add Data Row

Hope this helps you

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@mitul_choudhary Check if there are any extra spaces in the Column Name. Also check if you are using the right datatable, You can do so by using the Output Datatable Activity.

Or You can just check the Value of the variables in the Local Panel when you Debug, you should get to know what exactly is the problem.

Hi i have checked for spaces it’s correct
instead of using builddata table i’m using exel application scope.

i hope whatever column name i write in builddata table doesn’t make difference.

@mitul_choudhary It doesn’t matter whether the datatable is from the Build Datatable or from the output of Read Range, only thing that matter is if you’re using the same datatable variable in both the places. The error specifically points out that the Column Name is not present in the datatable, and So I guess you may be using the Wrong datatable or same datatable variable as output of two or more activities or there may be spaces in the Column name

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Are you adding to different datatable ?

If it is then check whether in that datatable column Name is correct or not

Hope this helps you


HI @mitul_choudhary ,

Use the show data table before add row. you can able to see what the datatable has the value.

Thank you