Display Datatable in a form

Hi all

Can any1 pls help me with my problem mentioned below:

How to display table/data dynamically in HTML form element"
by taking input from arguments in collection
How to display datatable in a form , datatable being passed as arguement

@vinodraj.kn I think you can check this video to understand how to pass a Datatable to a Form :

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Thank You @supermanPunch
It worked for me

Do you know how to delete the multiple rows from a excel using several indexes @supermanPunch

I mean i wants to delete row 1, 4, 5, 8, etc, these indexes are random

Like when i delete the row at index 1, remaining indexes of a excell get decremented and shifts back, so can you assist me in deleting the rows in a single statement

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Hi @vinodraj.kn,

Here is an custom activity called “Show DataTable” to display the datatable values in the grid.

To delete the contiguous Rows

Here the activity called Delete Rows.

Thank you

@vinodraj.kn You can use Activities created by @balupad14 but Can we know if you want to delete the rows in a Datatable or directly from the Excel file ?

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