Community Edition Usage

Hi @patil.gandhali58

See here:

In short, yes, companies can use Community Edition (as long as the company is not too big, see the link for details).

You should also be careful and note the difference between the Community Forever-Free version and the 60-days Trial for Enterprise customers.

The Community Edition will be forever free with limited functionality (such as forced auto-update to the new Stable version or lack of unattended automation options).

If the company is big enough, you can only request the Trial version and then decide whether to buy the license or not. The device which ran the trial version will be locked and unable to activate the Community Edition after the Trial period is done.

Thus, just to re-iterate, it is actually counter productive to test a Trial version instead of a Community Edition if you have the possibility. In that case, after the 60-day period is done, your Device ID would get locked and you would be unable to activate Community Edition.

I hope it helps :slight_smile: