UiPath keeps crashing at different places



UiPath crashes at different places of the code in about 30% of times. This is not case related as it breaks on different cases and the same case can successfully be processed if put in the queue again. This issue occurs on different robots, so nothing related to a particular device also tried to run it on the device with larger RAM, but this has not resolved the issue. UiPath version is Version 8.1.5868.32440 (Built On 25/01/2016).

Since they were using this version of UiPath across a large number of VMs and re-installation can be quite time and resource consuming and challenging,They wanted more information about this error.

  • Are there any more details of the error and why it occurs?
  • What type of automated processes is it likely to impact?
  • In which scenarios has it been known to arise (what do we need to do to avoid the error in future builds)?
  • If an upgrade is recommended, to what version should it be upgraded to and does that version work with v1.5 of Control Centre?

Can you please provide the solutions for the above queries.


What is the error?

2016.2 is recommended. What version are they using?


[quote=“badita, post:2, topic:2679”]
2016.2 is recommended. What version are they using?
Version 8.1.5868.32440


Ah, version was there. It may be because of OCR in a loop, memory or com crashes.


  • update to 2016.2
  • use isolated and external invoke option for such uncaught errors


Is this option present in Version 8.1.5868.32440?


@badita will latest version work with v1.5 Control Center


Both Orchestrator and Robot should be upgraded to 2016.2