UiPath 'Hangs' When "Microsoft Excel Security Notice" Pop up appears

Hi All,

I have a process which requires me to open a .xla excel and perform some tasks.

However I am facing some difficulties in doing so. Let me try to explain my issue. I have tried using both “Excel Application Scope” and “Start” activity to launch the .xla excel. When process is triggered, the .xla excel is opened as expected. The next step is to click on the “Enable Macros” button of the “Microsoft Excel Security Notice” Pop up msg box which is generated on launch as shown below.

However, I am unable to reach that step as the execution will for some reason, hang and not move on (stop at yellow outline step after launch as shown in picture). I have ran in both Debug and Run mode but still faced the same issue.

It is also surprising that it does not timeout. I will have to forcefully stop the process to end it.

Help is greatly appreciated!!!


Manually open Excel on the bot’s machine, go to Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings… > Macro Settings, and then choose “Enable all macros”.

You then won’t have to deal with this dialog box.

Thanks @Anthony_Humphries. Between, if anyone has other workarounds pls let me know.


Hi community, if anyone has ideas on how to solve this pls let me know.

Thanks in advance!!