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Hey All,

We’ve been having issues lately with our process sitting in state where it does nothing, just randomly stops working and can sit there for hours. Its only till someone on the team notices there is an issue that we can resolve. No output is sent to Orchestrator. Orchestrator shows the process as Running.

When logging into the machine everything looks to be fine. No weird Warning messages are displayed. If we close all applications, kill the process from Orchestrator, and restart the process it works just fine.

This happens at random, on different machines, and on different processes.

We are currently running the most recent version of Studio on our VDIs, 19.10.3.

Does anyone know why this occurs?

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Does the process include kill process activity that closes all the application involved along the process before executing it

If not include that in the beginning of the process and mention the application exe Filename alone in the ProcessName property of kill process activity

Cheers @Jarzzz

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Hey @Palaniyappan - Congrats on the Leader award!

This issue is happening at random. We’ve opened a ticket directly with UiPath and they provide the below as a resolution. Apparently this is a known ongoing issue with UiPath at the moment.

We have noticed this issue recently with the processing of excel files. Can you verify if this issue is happening with processes that are manipulating Excel files?

To verify that this is what is stalling your process, take a look at your task manager and see if there is one or more excel.exe processes. Try to kill those process and check if the workflow continues.

Our developers are currently working on resolving this issue and we currently have some workarounds that may be helpful:

  1. Downgrade the excel package to 2.3.6682 or lower as this issue is newly introduced. This may be the easiest workaround.

  2. Make changes in your workflow so that an excel object is created at the beginning of first excel activity and keep it alive throughout the workflow. This can be done by following below steps:
    • Create a excel application scope activity at the beginning of the workflow and save the output to a variable
    • By doing so, the excel object is created and kept alive
    • Any other excel application activities written below will continue to use the same object
    • By keeping the object alive forcefully, we are preventing the garbage collector from deleting the object.

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Yah this one will work buddy and I hope you would have obviously did that already
And as mentioned already include this as well
Along the process

And thanks buddy for your wishes

Cheers @Jarzzz

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