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Within Excel application Scope, i read several values from a sheet, save them as variables. (i think the sheet is still open). then I use your Excel Scope/Find-Replace, the sheet is saved at a different location. However, if I insert “close Excel application” after “read cell” activity, the excel sheet will be overwritten

Hi @spanct ,

Don’t use the activity inside the excel application scope (Uipath)…

use it outside of the scope…

Thank you

you are right, however, within a workbook, if i would like to replace a variable with another variable reading from each sheet, any suggestions? thanks!

I am getting this error when I run it from their remote desktop.

Currently I do not have access to Microsoft Excel on their remote desktop. However when I ran the process on my own system with Excel I had no problem. Would like to know if Excel must be installed onto the system for the “Excel Scope” to work or could this be because of a different issue.

How to get hyperlinks of multiple cells. For single-cell, I can use get hyperlink by providing cell value. but dynamically how can we do.

Hi Master!

Do you have any ideas for my question?

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HI @Chen_Kenny ,
yes. it is possible . But it is not from this package. It is from BalaReva Quick Excel package. before that please explain the case…

Thank you

Sorry, @c.ciprian for late.

My question is very simple. I just want to select the multiple items in Slicers view. Because my users will select them as the variables to filter the right table for macro. Let me try to use your package. Thank you so much for your contribution. Your package is very useful for me.

If you are willing to provide the online course to teach me how to create the new package by myself. I will buy it. :slight_smile:

oh … I can’t find BalaReva Quick Excel package… did it already release?


thank every much, sloved my problem.


Hi @Chen_Kenny ,

It has to be upload into uipath market place !!!

Thank you

Hello @balupad14,

First of all I’d like to thank you for your amazing work, several of your activities have come in very handy lately.

Specially the Copy As Picture has been a real life saver. I’ve been developina a robot on UiPath in a remote desktop that used that activity, until the remote desktop stopped functioning and I had to run it on my company laptop. Upon reinstalling the same packages as before and running the program, the Copy As Picture activity started malfunctioning, the pictures were saved with 0 bytes.

Could you advise me on how to solve this issue?

Best regards, Igor.

Hello @balupad14 ,

Thank you very very much for your iniciatives of creating such good activities for UiPath! You are already known in my company for being such a solution solver :smiley:

But by the way, I’m trying to use the Insert Hyperlink activity in my project, but it doesn’t work. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong.

Despite of that, just one correction: It’s “Display Text Overwrite” not image

And I wish you all my bests mate! Good work!
Pedro Pais

Hello Mr Balamurugan,

In advance I’d like to say that your activities helped us a lot!

We’re facing some issue with the “CopyAsPicture” activity.
See below the problem : Capture

I’ve tried with the recent version 28.1.2 also with 24.0.0.
Do you happen to know what the problem might be?

Kind regards,

Hi @pilisan ,

You have to use the excel scope from BalaReve.EasyExcel

Thank you

Mr Balamurugan,

Ok that worked, I should have known:)
Thanks for the quick reply.

Now facing the next issue :

Always working with .png images but apparently this seems not to work.
Could it be because the cell content is too big? (just want to extract an image from 1 cell)

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hello. I have a question about SetRangeStyle.
Is it possible to set a composite range in this activity, for example “A1: C1”+“A5: C5”+“A7:C7”?
Or is there any other activity for working with a composite range?

Hi @tatyana.grishina ,

Welcome to Uipath Community!

Yes. It is possible. you can give the range like this "A1:C1,A5:C5,A7:C7”.



Hi @balupad14

first of all I would like to thank you for sharing your activitites with us. :wink:

I have two questions concerning your activities:
AutoFit Columns
How can I enter the range which I would like to edit? I have tried several ways of input, but all of them where quitted with an error message, as you can e.g. see here:

Furthermore I would like to know how I can format the cell with the ‘german’ format as we have the comma as the seperator for the decimals and the dot as the seperatot for the thousands.

I tried the format


in your activity Change Cell Type, but this lead to this result



Thanks for your input. :+1:

Hi @mbe ,

Thank you for using the activity.

For your first question.

The column range is array string. You have to assign like this. {“K:AC”}

Final one.

Check this video and for format check the video’s descripiton


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