Uipath Freezes for 20 seconds when I try to copy activity


UiPath freezes for 20 seconds when I try to copy activity and want to paste it in other sequence.
Every time I select some activity (Extract Table, Throw, Assign) and them click “Copy” UiPath freezes for 20 second. I cannot do anything with it. I have to just wait.

This make my development very slow. Do you have any solution for this ?

Kind regards

hi @mateusz.wojcik

Close your studion and open it again and try once


Hello @mateusz.wojcik
From my Knowledge Copy Paste activity slow may occur due to your machine’s Specifications. May need to update your hardware like RAM or Disk.

I have 16 GB RAM
My disk is full in143/235 GB

Hello, Mateusz, did you solve this issue? Seems like I am facing the same issue on my Studio (newest 23.10.1 version)

Paradoxically the seccond copying of the same activity works well then…


Is your project stored on a network drive instead of your C: drive? Are you on VPN?

Thank you postwick for the quick replay. Nope, project is on local G: drive (SSD), VPN of Kasperky is disabled…

Hi @RadekF,

I really am not sure what solve the issue but right now I do not have it.
I switched to Virtual Machine where the issue did not apear.
I have used it for a long time and when I switch back to my local computer the delay no loger exists.

Thank you for your message. Under my interface it seems there was a problem with another citrix workspace that was opened independent of UiPath. When I accidentally shut down citrix the lag no longer occurs. There was probably complicated copy>> paste (selector) communication between citrix workspace and UiPath Studio.

When I work with Blue Prism I have similar problem.
In that case I needed to disconect printer :smiley: .
After printer was disconnected from my computer Blue Prism works normally.

Still happening in an Enterprise install of 22.10.4 studio. Anyone have any more updates on this, or confirmations if it is still happening to you and which version Studio you have?

machine specs:
13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-13850HX 2.10 GHz
64.0 GB (63.6 GB usable)

I have not have this issue for a long time.

My studi version is: 2023.10.0

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Still happening with me. I have no printer and pc specs are good.