Delay in copy & pasting the activities


when am doing the copy & paste activities(ctrl C & ctrl V)…its taking long time

Even 2 times reinstalled the studio app

Even also it’s coming same issue

Any suggestions for this issue??

Is this specific to a project? Or it happens every time?

Also, it’s a legacy or a windows/cross-platform project?

I don’t have a delay in copy and paste, but do have a delay after the paste where UiPath waits about 1.5 seconds before it selects the pasted activity which is infuriating as I have often moved on and clicked another activity then it jumps me back to one I don’t want.

its community version. its not an any specific project. am just practicing purpose am using it. but someone suggested to downgrade the package to 2020 version. even i tried that also. but no use its same issue (copy paste) happening

is this still an issue on the latest Studio 2023.4? We have included several performance improvements in this version.

Yes , still that issue is facing , copy paste issue

I am also having same issue. The issue is in the copying, after i click copy using right click then it waits for few seconds. Paste has no problem.

UiPath version is :

Seems like the problem is fixed after i updated to latest beta version.
Edit: The problem comes back again. creating a new thread