SLOW workflows opening (30s) and activities cutting/copying (10s)

Scenario: Opening a workflow

Steps to reproduce: Open a workflow from ‘Project’ Tab

Current Behavior: Not responding for 30s

Expected Behavior: Opening smoothly

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2017.1.6435 Community edition

Last stable behavior:
Last stable version:
OS Version: Windows 7 Pro, 8GB RAM
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

When opening a workflow from a Project tab it takes 30s for Studio to do it (it is not responding).

Also, when copying/cutting an activity it hangs for around 10s then actual pasting is without lag.

Any ideas?

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Hi @Andrzej_Marszalek

Does this happen with any workflow? Or even the simplest ones?
I have tried with 2017.1.6435 Community edition(Win 10 Pro) and it takes about 5 seconds to load from Projects.
Also, the copy-paste is instantly. Maybe a machine restart will help? :worried:

Is your workflow stored locally or in a shared or network location? Do note that most corporate environments sync user documents. Try directly on your local drive in a new folder and see if there’s a difference.

Files from the Project tab open quickly when project files are not version controlled (SVN is not active in the project tab) - again, UiPath developers should make it an option to DISABLE UiPath SVN - it creates too much problems and lags, it’s better to take care of versioning yourself.

The copy/cut of an activity is still present when files are not SVN-ed. UiPath Studio freezes for about 10s after clicking ‘copy’. Pasting is all good.

Any suggestions?

Sure restart was done :slight_smile:

EDIT: Restart was done but it didn’t solve the problem.

Still looking for a solution :frowning:

I have the same problem, but my code is stocked locally.

I have an activity that takes, on the 2017 version, 30 seconds before the execution without reason. I didn’t have delays or other activities before.

On 2016 version worked fine…

Please can you have a solution?

@nSangui My problem occurs even before running the workflow - it is NOT about execution of activities

Hi all.

I’m facing the same behaviour with Academy 2 / Assignment 2.

Maybe UiPath gets riot when targeting an “angular-like” application, those that renews the content of the objects without changing the page…
It seems that the UiPath module in charge of UI Elements Recognition does not know where the objects are, or there are a lot more of objects to identify and, after an internal timeout of 230 seconds", returns the “most closer one” ( which uses to be the one you need, obviously :slight_smile: ).

But, this behaviour, when in a for-each loop is squizzing.

The first iteration seems to go fine, but after that, the rest is slower than a human.

I would suggest UiPath people to revisite the UI Element Recognition module to solve his annoying functionality.

Thanks to all.

Hi @ArturoGarciaMartin,

I guess you have got the answer by now. Posting this for people like me to find it when they run into trouble.

When activities are inside a loop.Set the WaitForReady to NONE. Note that it should not be set for all activities , try some trial and error.


Nithin Prabhu


similar issue : Bug/Issue with Copy and pasting activity from one xaml to another
If some apps are launched, the copy behavior will be freezing.
In my case, the acroedit( is launched, the copy behavior is freezing about 30 seconds.