Delay in Copy and Pasting Activities

It applies to any activity. This occurs randomly after some time. I have a descent computer with good hardware with 12 gb graphics card and ryzen 7 processor with 24 gb ram.

Is there a solution for it ?

Hi @_Fm

Some follow-up questions:

  • what is the Studio version?
  • are all packages up to date?
  • is the project in a folder that is auto-synced to some cloud service?
  • does it happen for all activities, or only certain ones? (for example, only UIAutomation ones?)
  • could you maybe check the Task Manager side-by-side with Studio to hopefully spot any irregularities around Studio processes?

-Studio version is latest one
-Yes all packages are upto date, i was using basic activities for testing
-Yes in one drive, i think this might be the culprit. I have set it to “Always keep on this device” so that it will not sync to onedrive. Will wait for some time and see if the problem is fixed.
EDIT: Moved the project folder to Drive D but still same problem
-I think it happens for almost all activities, it happened with other activities too
-Yes sure but i don’t know how to check irregularities around studio processes

Still waiting for this problem to get fixed on my side :frowning: Cannot work properly because it takes so much time to copy and paste activities :frowning:
I checked the task manager too and found that the cpu, gpu, I/O disk usage and everything is very low and normal

Re-Installing the UiPath fixed this problem for now. Let’s see if this problem comes again in future.

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@loginerror This problems comes again. Most probably it occurs when i start using chrome web browser for automation :frowning: (347.1 KB)
I have attached the sample script where i am facing this problem. Can you please check…