Uipath forward Compatibility issues


Does anyone experience issues running a code in a newer version of community/ Studio which has been developed in an older version of Studio/ community? Do the packages on older version change in any way from the new version packages.
PS. I have installed all packages and namespaces required.

As discussed in some of the threads in forum, there were some backward compatibility issues. Please check in the forum.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @sghosal4

It depends on your particular issue. The biggest change happened between 18.2 and 18.3. In 2018.3 we made sure that all activities are separated from the Studio. This was actually needed to improve the discussed compatibility even further :slight_smile: The conversion of projects created with versions older than 2018.3 is supposed to happen automatically and should be quite robust by now.

Other than that, some packages might become deprecated/replaced by newer ones, although not very often (if you run into one of those issues, chance is your project was created with quite an old version of Studio and this forum search should be able to answer your questions).

So few codes were developed on uipath 2016 version. I tried running the code on Community 2017.1.6407, Community 2018.3.2 (.net 4.7) and lastly Studio 2018.2.6 (.net 4.0.30319.) This being one of the reasons I am reluctant to upgrade the studio 2016 version with the latest uipath version, thinking it might lead to non-functioning of the codes developed on 2016 version. Attached is an exhaustive list of errors that occurred. Uipath 2016-2018 Compatibility issues.pdf (569.7 KB)

Hi @sghosal4

See here for possible solution :slight_smile:

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