Is UiPath studio community edition v2018.4.4 no longer available for activiation?

As per above. Is it no longer supported? What is the work-around moving forward?

My colleagues’ older community studios getting “disabled” one-by-one.
We tried the latest community version, but the xaml files generated by the latest UIPath Studio is not backward compatible with the older studios.

@Lim_Leng viable solution is to migrate your code from old version to the Last stable version of UiPath.

The dependency errors can be fixed. On a long run support for old versions will stop.

Community edition upgrades are managed through UiPath and are mandatory. Your team will need to update to the new version.

Hello @Lim_Leng

Only option for you is to upgrade the Studio to the latest version we have today. However, as you said, there can be version issues as you said. But, these can be addressed through the dependencies and downgrading them…

So, have a note on the dependencies and their versions you had for each workflow on Old studio. Once you upgrade the studio to latest version, go to dependecy manager and downgrade those packages to older version. This will help with backward compatibility…

Though this is available, I do recommend to you upgrade those workflows to the latest package versions as well slowly…

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