UiPath Forms Isssue

I am not able to open a html page using hyperlinks. I wrote a normal hyperlink code (which usually works on any text editor) in the content section of html-component. My code is:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<a href="Installation Setup Document.html" target="_blank">Help</a>


Here Installation Setup Document.html is present in the same path as of Main.xaml which consist of the form designer. If i put any other link (eg. “https://www.udemy.com”) in the href, iam getting the output. But iam struggling to display the content present in the html file.
My aim is to give a help link to the client so that if the client click on the link, he/she should see some information. Any help would be aprreciated. Kindly give me any other idea or solution so that i can get rid of this error.

Hi @Arun_Kumar4

Could you please share how you have it currently set up in Studio?

I didnt get ur question but iam posting the directory structure to further elaborate it.
Main.xaml consist of the form activity in which iam writing the html code.
Installation Setup Document.html is the html page i want to show as soon the user clicks on help.

and this is the error iam getting as soon as iam clicking the link. I dont know that what browser does uipath forms use to open any link or website.

I was mostly asking about the way your Form activity is configured in Studio :slight_smile:

I am sorry. I am still not getting your point. Do you wanna know the properties of the form activity.
Or where I had put my form activity in the main.xaml. If you’re asking about the 2nd question, then the form activity is present at the start of the main workflow. Spare me if I am wrong.

Hi @Arun_Kumar4

You need to create a form using form designer first and only then will the form appear during the bot run.
Now if the form designer is not opening then check your RAM and please also check that your antivirus is not blocking the Powershell script used by UiPath to start the form designer

Refer to the link for more detail:

No, there is no problem with opening of the form during bot run. The question is : Iam not able to display the html page content when iam clicking “help” present on the form. If u follow the code i wrote on the first post of mine, it will give u a better idea.

Hi @Arun_Kumar4
In my opinion

  • In herf =“There should be only the url” not “Installation setup Document.html”

Here the sample HTML code


Not exactly. If you write the same code in “index.html” and run the file, you will see a hyperlink “Help” on that page. If You clcik on “Help” a new tab will get open displaying the contents present in “Installation Setup Document.html”. the two files should be in the same directory, ofcourse.

Hi @Arun_Kumar4

I upload the file can you check it

date.html (118 Bytes)
Sample1.html (9 Bytes)

This you can try and let me know

yes its working fine but this is not my problem sir. Okay lemme tell u this way. U wrote some html code for date.html. if copy that code and paste it in the html component of uipath forms i will get the output as per the code written in it which is :
“HTML Links
If I click on the “Help”, iam not able to get the output or content present in “Sample1.html”.
I hope u get that. I had posted a screenshot related this error in my 2nd post.

Hi @Arun_Kumar4 - have you had a chance to review our official documentation to help understand how to work with HTML component? In case you haven’t, here is the link: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/dynamic-html-elements.