Uipath form validations

PFA form design that I have created. I want to add the following validations. Could you tell me if this possible and if yes, how?

  1. While selecting a file, a user should be able to select only the excel file.
  2. On submit, the form should remain open until the user clicks on the close button.
  3. Add a provision to display an error message while processing the form.
  4. Empty field validations

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Hi @vishal13987,
It should be possible. You can define an action for submit button which will trigger the sequence which will check each parameter. You just need to expose each form element using collection and in/out argument so the sequence will know what was added inside the form.

Hi @Pablito , I managed to do all the stuff now but buttons validation. Do you have any idea how can I remove validation from the close button (I have recently added, hence not visible in picture attached).? as of now, I have field validation that checks if any of the fields are empty with the click of Submit and Close button. How can I remove this validation check from close button?

Actually it’s a very good question. For sure one of the solution is to resign from “close” button and use just “x” instead.

But let me bring someone who should help :slight_smile: