Error Messages during date validation in uipath forms

Hi, We have a Date picker field and we have added validation on it to be mandatory. When we submit the form, validation message pops up however all of the buttons get errored out with message : Please fix the following errors before submitting. Does anyone know why?

what you actually want to do? you want to lock this exception or want any business rule?

Probably because they are “submit” action type buttons. That means whenever there are validation errors in the fields that are required for the form submission, the submit buttons will indicicate that the required field is not valid.

@andrey.egorovIs it possible to modify the property? If so how? Also, is this the only difference between submit type and click buttons?

Long story short, apply saveState action on the button with draft value in state json pair name, if you want your button to ignore validation rules and close the form after click.

If you have other requirements for button type components, carefully read forms documentation :slight_smile:

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@andrey.egorov Wow, The Form Style making it look more like an animation, really cool !!, May I know how were you able to figure it out :face_with_monocle:

I have downloaded the xaml file and have checked it, checked the Json Part as well, but still not sure how you were able to include a style and an action by just including the “customclass”, “logic” and “action” keys.

Glad you like the style. :slight_smile:
I have borrowed the style from here: CSS Animations
I do not have much time right now, mb on this weekend will make a little guide. :slight_smile:

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