UiPath Apps - Validation function - How to use?

Hey All,
a new function has been released in UiPath Apps.

But I do not understand how to use it. I set the validation required to true but I am still able to start a process without getting a sign that I didn’t fill out the mandatory field.

Could anybody please explain to me how to use this function? Thank you!

May 2022 (uipath.com)

@PeCour ,

to do validation please follow below approach.

  1. Set Required = True on control
  2. Set message to display when your interact with control

Now there is two way you can achieve this functionality.
Disable button

  1. Add button
  2. Each control has new field “Is Valid”
  3. Use this field to validate required field
  4. Set expression on button Disabled as below

If Rule condition

  1. Add button
  2. Add If else condition to validate as below

Result on user interaction with control

Hope this will help you . Please let me know if you are still unable to do.


@Arvind_Kumar1 Thank you. That is already working well.
But I have one question regarding the text “Required Error Message”.

When empty it doesn’t display me the error message:
Now I enter a number:
And if I delete the number it shows me the error message:

In this case, the error message is not helpful. Because if the user doesn’t enter anything it is nowhere mentioned which the required fields are.

Disabling the button is a really good thing! I like it. But now the user should also be guided to which fields are required. Any idea? What am I missing?


Yes as per current design this error message display only if user interact with control. I mean if user enter any value and remove it then this error will get displayed.

To make it more user friendly you can enable label as below. Label will show Red asterisk for required field.

  1. Go to control

  2. Enter Label Name in General section

  3. Go to style section and change as you wish to display label

Once you do this user can easily identify required fields.


@Arvind_Kumar1 Many thanks. Didn’t know this function.

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