Logic in UIpath Create Form Activity


In the create form activity I have two inputs start and end date and after that there is a Submit button.
I want to introduce a validation/logic to check whether start date is less than the end date and some error message will pop up and prevent the user to submit till this condition is met.
Can you help me in this to write the JSON file.


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Hey @soumyadip47,

Do you want to write those in JSON intentionally?

Or will you be okay to have it in the Do block.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Nithinkrishna

Actually I want to impose the check at the time of clicking submit button in the form. Upon error the form will remain as it is and wait for correct input. Will adding the check in do block serve my purpose?

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Of course, yes @soumyadip47

You need to add an attribute to your button, closeOnSubmit as false [This will make sure form doesn’t close after submit click].

Then you can add validation in Do Block.

Hope this helps

Thanks :slight_smile: