UiPath form not launching

Can you please help me with what’s the issue here? The problem is on a client system that only uses Assistant to run. it’s working fine on a developer system but when it is run on the system with just a user license it fails!


As per the error references are missing…either copy the packages from dev machine to the client machine or delete the packages and let them re download

C:\users\<username>\.nuvet\packages is the location


Just copy the entire packages folder and paste it there? Is the version of the Assistant/Studio be the same on both the machines?

Do we need to do something on the client machine other than just copy the packages over?

No that should be good . if you havr replaced your dependencies that should do the trick


If you have moved packages from same folder to similar folder that should be enough


So do you want to delete the complete .nuget folder, and then ask the client to install all the processes on the Assistant, so that he gets all the new packages now?


He need non deete whole of packages folder…instead you can ask him to delete the packages whicha re used in this project and the project related package sot hat only those can be redownloaded