Activities not loading

Hello, I’m having a problem with uipath activities.
In one moment I was correcting a workflow and when I go back to another workflow, it appears like this:

I cannot see my invoke code or my log messages.
Any help please?

Hi @joanamfp

Try to reinstall the uipath packages and also you can upgrade the package.


@joanamfp Try to create another project and install the packages required

It did not work :frowning:

Try to reinstall the Uipath studio @joanamfp

@joanamfp Try re-starting Uipath studio

pls uninstall .runtime and install require packages.
Some packages are automatically updating with . runtime extenstion

Hello @joanamfp ,

Step 1 : Open your project.json file copy the dependencies and their version details in another text file (used in step 3)

Step 2 : Upgrade all the packages to the latest version and save.

If they are already latest then down grade it a older version.

Save and close studio.

Step 3 : launch main.xaml, now match the versions from text file created in step 1 and hit save.

Please do try and let me know if this helps or you are still facing this issue.

The issue in the screen shot happens when the project was created in a different studio version (old) and is now opened in higher version (new).