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Has anyone been able to successfully parse a deserialized json from a form grid to update an excel file?

If so, please reach out/reply here.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @aedayodi1
Yes i have been able to sucessfully parse a deserialized json from a form grid to update an excel file.
Check out the doc below to find steps to do it using deserialize json.
Form.docx (488.4 KB)
Also find workflow attached for a different way to do it.
simple form.zip (39.7 KB)

Thank you for the reply @shetanshudhar

However, i’m looking to extract a data table from the grid. Your form has elements but not bound in a grid which allows you to directly retrieve data. Note that the output from a grid is an array in the json object.

I’m unable to upload attachments since i’m a new user. Is there another way i can share my outputs with you?


Hi @aedayodi1 you can deserialize that array of json ojects using deserialize json activity.
Then run a loop and paste all items in deserialized json array to an excel.

Thanks again, @shetanshudhar. I actually deserialized it twice, second time as json_object.toString and to a datatable. working flawlessly now. Thanks!

@aedayodi1 mark it as solution if it resolved your problem. :white_check_mark:

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