Nested Json to Excel Issue


returns_15092020_R1_27AAATM4557G1ZH_offline_others_0.json (50.3 KB)

Requirement to convert json to excel and referred the solution in this link “4. RPA Challenge - Json Parsing - #6” but not able to get this

It would be great if I get any help:)

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What is the problem? Do you have a sample output you are looking for?

Check the below blog post.

Hi @KannanSuresh,

using the above two activities that is deserialize json and deserialize json array it becomes a very long process and there are many for loops involved because it is nested Json.

Is there any other method to get through this

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There is no other way to parse JSON. Else you have to create a custom activity with a class matching your JSON. Then in the custom activity, you can deserialize JSON string to that class object.