Parsing Real Time Forms output


I am trying to use the new real time forms to gather several pieces of data from users but I’m having some issues parsing the JSON object being output.

I tried using the deserialize JSON activity but it keeps failing and I suspect its because I am using data grids in the form.

Have any of you experienced this? I know the RT forms are very new (still in pre-release as of this posting) but they do seem to be the right solution for my process.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Jeremy,

I have started using it recently and could retrieve the data from DataGrid.

Ex: {“newLink”:[{“noOfLinks”:“1”,“access”:“10MB”,“port”:“5Mbps”,“selectBoxes”:{“main”:true}},{“noOfLinks”:“1”,“access”:“100MB”,“port”:“10Mbps”,“selectBoxes”:{“main”:false,“backup”:true}}]}

Here ‘newLink’ is my DataGrid property. You can de-serialize the above (jsArray1) and then iterate through the results (jsArray1.SelectToken(newLink)). You can again de-serialize the iterating objects and get the values of “access”,“port” etc. There might be better methods than this, but this did get the results we wanted.

Shiju Mathew

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thank you fro the reply! I will try that, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Shiju and Jeremy.

I’m trying to write the information from a grid form to excel and am stumped trying to get the data. Can you kindly share a successful parse for my understanding?

Thanks in advance,