Scroll to particular UI element

As i have a web page which is having multiple tables . As need to scroll to each table one by one and extract the data using Data Scrapping. But Send Hotkey option is not working properly.
Is there any way to scroll to particular UI element in UIpath.

Hello @agathiyanv

Can you try with Mouse scroll activity.

Hi @agathiyanv,

You can use Table extraction. After you indicate the element from the table
as shown in the image. Using the next button you can scroll to other page

Do let me know if that helps


Hello @agathiyanv , Try this

  1. Need to download packages


  2. Can use scroll activity from Modern activity

Here the scroll pixel is not the Fixed One. Because if one table is too big then we need to scroll multiple times to move to next one

If possible use element exist
and loop if it false and scroll untill it gets the expected values

Can you explain it in detail, Because I am getting confused because I need to data scrapping for all the tables and I don’t know how to do ?

i had same issues, I need to scrap the data from website , but its possible only when scroll down and load full page.
In this case i know the row value of last.
So i set element exist and pass the idx of last column name.
If last column name loaded, element exist will true, else false
So , untill the last row loaded, the process wil loop to scroll down the page.

Hi @agathiyanv

Can you shared the screenshot of the Table.

Data Scrapping is not required to scroll page. Just Scrap the values and run the process it will get the output.

Check out the Document for for Info

Hope it will helps


This is the table structure and I need to extract the data from right side table which span over multiple pages.

You can try with Data Scrapping and We don’t need to scroll the to extract the data just have a try @agathiyanv

Even If i do data scrapping it only captures the first table data.

Element exists activity is not highlighting the other tables and I also changed the selectors
but its not working.

It will work only for one line Item. But I have multiple tables

Do you have any sample site to make Proof of concept?

I am not allowed to share the details of the site. But you can refer the screenshots