How to extract data from a grid when the individual cells aren't accessible through UiExplorer?


I am trying to extract the data from the below grid, but UiExplorer wasn’t able to recognize the individual cells within this grid. We had a system upgrade, before the upgrade - the uipath was able to recognize the individual cells whereas now it is not.

Data scraping isn’t working for this grid. We tried screen scraping, but below are the results for this method.
Native - Complete text isn’t extracted. Hidden texts are ignored.
Full Text - Not extracting any text.
OCR - Provides unstructured results. Looks like a tedious task to convert this into structured data.


Could someone please help?


Try to find an “export” function.
Have you tried ctrl+a and crtrl+c? Clipboard can help in some cases

Being in a grid position let’s try with Find children activities that gives table as a output

Have a view on this doc

Cheers @Praveen8008