Can you resolve the Uipath chrome extension problem

Hi All

Uipath couldn’t communicate Google crome extension but i enabled Crome extension.

Can anyone let me know how do i fix that?

Hi @divya.17290,

Sometimes machine cannot establish connection with extensions or services.

Please restart your computer and try again.

If problem continues, remind us please.


HI @divya.17290

Check out this documentation


I nuipath tool - >Extension - >

but in Google i don’t have

Uipath extension


Please uninstall and install the extension again.

After the installation of extension, when opened Chrome, in the upper-left there should be popup.

You should enable it.


Uninstall the extension in studio and try to install it again @divya.17290

Hello @divya.17290
Kindly install the Uipath extension by clicking the below thread

For more info, refer the below thread

if you are using private chrome tab you should enable allow in incognito from extension settings

Thanks its working!

Thanks for all

Happy Automation :smiley:

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