Uipath Extention not working in chrome

Hi Guys,

i have installed the uipath extention for the chrome browser but still when the bot runs it says cant communicate with the chrome … Open Browser: ‘Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension.’

Kindly let me know what should i do to resolve this… Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Vinutha_L,

I had this issue previously, or something similar. I think it was becasue I had an old version of the Chrome extension.

Go into your Chrome extensions and remove your current UiPath extension, and then click the link below. This is the new version on Chrome Web Store. I’d recommend restarting UiPath and Chrome once you’ve added this new extension.


Hope this helps

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hey @william.coulson

its still not working, i did whatever you said. my uipath version is 20.4 my chrome is also latest version only.

Hey @Vinutha_L,

I’m on 2019.10.4 Studio version.

What happens when you attempt to install the Chrome Extension from Studio? Go to File > Tools > Chrome Extensions and install it from there and see what it says?

Alternatively, go to this link and see if it helps you: