UIPath Extension is getting removed most of the time

Hi Team,

Bot is running in Unattended mode for a web based application. I am using clear cache also .But some times the (Uipath Extension and the setting like auto save password and Ask where to download) settings getting change .So Bot fails in production server.
Please suggest how to fix this issue.

@Priyambada_Panda use latest version of the UiPath.

The code is in production .so I will be not able to update Uipath again

Hi Team ,

I am fetching 200 unread emails from Outlook at a time and after processing 200 request ,bot is moving to init state to read again 200 unread emails for process.
When it is getting 200 unread emails 2nd time, after that clear cache code is there.After clearing cache only I found uipath extension is getting removed.But clear cache is working first time when bot is fetching 200 unread emails.but 2nd time only facing issue. Please guide me how to fix it.

Bot is running in unattended mode in prod server

Hi Team,

Please help me to fix this issue.chrome extension is getting disabled again and again. Unable to identify the reason

Hi, Did you tried any alternate method without clearing the cache? what would be the primary reason to clear the cache. when you clear the cache, the settings will be defaulted and the extension (uipath) will be disabled.

Try to see if you can change the design without clearing the cache. or see if there is any alternate to clear the cache or clear the cache for previous 1 hr or 7 hr and see if it works.