Chrome Extension Getting Disabled Intermittently , Where to find the Exploit Blocker?

Expolit blocker? where can we find this option?

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Sorry @sshubham.agrawal93, Could you please explain ?


Hi Nithin Krishna,
We have an unattended robot in which uipath chrome extension gets disabled automatically. This is happening intermittently and there’s not fix pattern to when and why it’s happening.
We have to manually login to the system and enable the uipath chrome extension.
I’m looking for some solution to this problem…

Many Thanks.

Shubham Agrawal

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Hey @sshubham.agrawal93

We were also facing some similar kind of issue.

But then we re-installed with the latest version matching studio after which the issue didn’t occur (re-installed browser as well)

I’m not 100% sure whether that is the steps which resolved the issue, but yeah.


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@sshubham.agrawal93 Are you using kill Process activity? If that is the case, avoid that activity an try to use Close Window or Close Application Activities and run the bot once

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I reinstalled the chrome extension, but never tried reinstalling chrome.
Will have to check with IT, if it’s Possible

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Hi @ushu, yes we are using kill activity.
But the same is been used in other bots which runs on other systems, and they seem to be working fine. No problem.
Just 1-2 VM’s are giving this issue.

Nevertheless, I will try your suggestion. Thanks.

Please let us know @sshubham.agrawal93

I did not find any option to update the UiPath extension but I replaced all the Kill process activity for chrome and that seems to have resolved my problem. Thanks @ushu

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