Excel Question - Skyler Blu

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. I have a question regarding Excel Copy Paste Range, I placed the activity inside a for each because if my current row meets a condition then I need it to copy and paste into another file. However, my bot will copy and paste but it does so in the same range for each current row so it is written over each time. I need the bot to paste and then move to the second row and paste, doing so for each current row. Please help if you are able, thank you!

Hi @Skyler_Blu ,

Could you show us your implementation done so far ? Are you using Excel Modern Activities ?

From this we can assume that you would require to increment the Range for Pasting the Copied Data each iteration.

We can help further once we understand your current design flow.

Generally copy/paste isn’t how you want to interact with Excel. You should use For Each Row in Excel, and within it check the values and if they meet the condition then Write Range to the other file.

Hi! Yes, I had to remove most data due to privacy but this is an outline of the code and the order I was using. Please feel free to give feed back and constructive advice. I am a newly certified developer looking to improve my skills.
Productivity Tracker.xaml (18.1 KB)

Can you please expand on this concept? How would you approach this topic? Thank you.


Rather read the data in to datatable then use filter datatable to filter what you need and write the data