How to copy data out of application into Excel?

I am currently using a financial performance software called LucaNet which allows copy and paste. It looks like the screenshot below. I can highlight the numbers and copy it and paste it into excel. But the number of times I have to do this every month is about 100+ times, not to mention having to upload the numbers back into this software after tweaking it in excel.

I am a 1 week old student of UiPath so i’m hoping someone can help:
How can I automate copying and pasting from this application into excel?

Hi @E_Tian ,

Do Datascraping. When you do datacsrape it always saves the data into data table. Later you can manipulate the data or directly write into excel.

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Can you please try Data scraping activity to read the data from application and it will give output as DataTable. And then use Write Range activity to write into Excel file.

Please check below thread to know about Data scraping

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Please follow the below steps to achieve this.

1- read the input(Excel) file. use read range activity. it will return datatable.
2-Use for each row activity and add datatable name that you have created in step 1.
3-Inside for each row use assign activities to store the values of each excel column.
4-Open software with open application activity and use type into activity to enter value of each excel column into software.

Hope this will work.

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Thank you everyone for the quick reply, its extremely helpful!

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