UiPath - Error Summary for tenant

Hello All,

I am getting the following error.

How do I resolve this, because of which a simple hello world message is not being displayed even after the

job is getting executed successfully?

Thanks in advance.![uipath_tenant_error|690x167]

getting this message from orchestrator (upload://3JF6dbwbcMCvyJzYBjBMPNCVSkH.png)

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Please try to reconnect robot to the orchestrator and give a try
Ensure all the below steps are done while connecting

Cheers @Varun_Dharni


Can you please share some videos in case you have one. Which makes it easier to understand.

also, I later realized the execution is happening on a file called main. xaml which is empty in nature.

Thanks for replying though.

Cheers @Palaniyappan

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In that case open at the main xaml in studio
Open project panel where you can see all xaml you have built
And choose the one where you have built and right click that xaml in project panel and make it as main file

So from next time whenever you run that xaml will be set to main and it will get executed

This link gives picture representation which I hope will make easy for you

Cheers @Varun_Dharni

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@Palaniyappan Thanks for sharing this.

I have two files with the following name now

Main. xaml

Main.xaml is a new file that I created with some new messages to be displayed.

now when I am trying to run the job through the orchestrator what is interesting to see the output I am receiving is from Main1. xaml file.

In spite of the fact, I have set the Main. xaml to be the main file

attached are screenshots for your reference.

inputs and outputs received are not matching.

i can sense there is something i am doing wrong,

can you please guide.


@ghazanfar can you please help here as well ?

Hi Varun,

Open project.json file. Check the name after “main:” field. Whichever xaml file you want as a parent file/main file write its name there. then build your package from main xaml file and upload it on orchestrator.
see the screenshot

Hope it will work.

@ghazanfar no it is not.

I have created three files


did the same settings as being told by you

but still its fetching the output from Main.xaml

may be I am doing something wrong

Can you zip your project and send it here?

Sure give me a sec

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I made the changes as being suggested in the jason and then tried setting Main2 as Main.xaml by doing a right click

Zip file not rar file…

Share zip file

I dont have winzip , trying to download but for some reason its not getting started.

can you please create a small video and share ?


I open your project and checked the project.json file.

it will show the output of main2 file.

which output you want ? I will modify the code

I want output from Main2.xaml

I have already set this as Main as being instructed by you but again its not showing the desiredmsgfrmOrchestrator.zip (43.3 KB)

meanwhile I was able to download the winzip and sharing the same here.

Thanks for your help @ghazanfar

Let me check.

You want to output of main2 right? let me modify it.

Yes , sure @ghazanfar

@ghazanfar Is this done ?

yes almost done. My studio was stuck in restoring dependencies that is why it is taking time… Give me 5 mins.

@ghazanfar sure :slight_smile: no worries. Please let me know the next steps I am suppose to perform

Hi Varun,

I have created project which contains total 03 workflows.

Open the main file. there are 03 more sequences in the main workflow. like below

the first sequence contains messagebox of main file .

the second sequence which i have disabled right now if you open this i am invoking main1 file and inside main1 file it contain msg box of main1 file. you can enable it for your understanding.

in the third sequence it contains main2 file and it is disable right now you can enable it and it contains message b0x of main2 file…

if you create a package as it is then it will only show the messagebox of main file which is in first sequence.

msgfrmOrchestrator.zip (5.1 KB)

I have added comments on every section for your better understanding. let me know if you need further information.

Whichever file you want output only enable that sequence in the main.xaml file and disable remaining sequences.

Hope it will work now.