UiPath - Error Summary for tenant

Sure, let me try this.

Are you sure? I am not supposed to do any settings.

I remember one of my friends here mentioned to open a project panel. do a right-click for setting the file which I want to be highlighted as main

This time only main.xaml will perform everytime. don’t worry

@ghazanfar It worked perfectly.

Thanks a ton.

So just for the sake of my understanding, we need to write a workflow calling other files in main. xaml every time when we have let us say 100 xaml files as well?

@ghazanfar just tried executing the same file by enabling the following code

getting the same output from main.xaml file.

Not working when I enable the activity Main1.xaml file.

can you please suggest ?


Disable messagebox of main in the first sequence then create package and upload it. it will show output of remaining two sequence if these both are enable.

@ghazanfar perfecto !!!

working fine.

Thanks a ton, mate !!!

you have been a great help

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no problem.

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